Acknowledged as the Premier Youth Football & Cheer Organization in the Hunterdon Central sending district.

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You can check out the league info at their website:

From the Jr Skyland website about the Skyland division:  "The Junior Skyland Football Conference (JSFC) was established in December of 2004 as unlimited weight, intermediate level football league with the goals of providing an opportunity for highly talented players to experience seriously competitive football above the level of the average youth football league."

The Jr Skyland Football Conference (JSFC) has two playing divisions: (details below)

  • The Skyland Division which their all-star, elite level division. There are no minimum play rules.

  • The Patriot Division which is a maximum playing-time division where boys get significant on the field experience to prepare them for the Skyland Division. Every boy starts on offense or defense and plays at least half the game. (~30 plays a game)

League Opponents

  • Bridgewater Jr. Panthers
  • Del Val Jr Terriers
  • Hillsborough Jr. Raiders
  • North Hunterdon Jr. Lions
  • North Plainfield Jr Canucks
  • Phillipsburg Little Liners
  • Ridge Varsity Jr Devils
  • Somerville/Branchburg United Jr Pioneers
  • Voorhees  Jr. Vikings
  • Warren Hills Jr Streaks 
  • Watchung Hills Jr. Warriors

The Multi-division strcture of the JSFC

Skyland Division

The Skyland Division supports two age/grade based levels of football teams.

  • JV Level is 12 years old and under (12U) for grades 6th-4th.
  • Varsity Level is 14 years old and under (14U) for grades 8th-6th.

A majority of the member clubs in the JSFC field teams in the Skyland Division that are the made up of the best players from their organizations within their sending districts.   The elite clubs are fielding starters selected from 80 or more boys at an age level.

The Skyland division of the JSFC has been ranked Toughest Conference in New Jersey multiple times by and the JSFC representative in the State unlimited weight championships won the championship 3 times in 5 years.

Teams in the league play their home games Saturday nights on the affiliated High School fields - for the Jr Red Devils, that means the FMF teams play our home games on Steward Field at Hunterdon Central.

There are no weight limits for the football teams, but to play in the Skyland division, players must be from the sending district of the affiliated high school.  For the FMF Teams, our sending district is Hunterdon Central.

Opponents are primarily from what was the Skyland Conference plus other towns that play against the high schools teams.

Each team in the league is affliated with its local high school and is required to have support from the High School football coach and Athletic Director. The JSFC By-laws also require that they run similar offensive and defense playbooks and use common terminology.


Patriot Division 

The Patriot Division is a structured, competetive program that supports 4 levels of football (Varsity, JV, Peewee & Flag) from from grades 1st through 8th grade

Players must start on one side of the ball, offense or defense and everyone is required to play at least half the game and get playtime on both offiese and defense. 

The goal is to keep the squads small in numbers, thus allowing for greater child participation and a higher level of learning. Teams are kept between 16 to 22 players. based on registration numbers, there is the opportunity to field more than 1 team at a given level. In the JSFC, many of the large clubs field multiple teams at each level in the Patriot Division.

Games are comprised of 4 x 15 minute quarters with a partial stop clock known as TIPS.   The clock stops for Timeouts, Injuries, Penalties & Scores. 

  • Flag Level is 8 years old and under (8U) for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Graders. At this level there are no league standings of wins or losses. We just want players to learn about the game and have fun.
  • Peewee Level is 10 years old and under (10U) for grades 4th-2nd. Offense has a playbook and can only run a handful of plays and everyone will be running only a few different defenses. This allows continuity for the kids so they can work on their skills. All teams are eligible for the Year-end tournament.
  • JV Level is 12 years old and under (12U) for grades 6th-4th. This level has an expanded offensive playbook. We introduce special teams and a limited amount of blitzing on defense from standard formations. Standings are kept and post season playoffs are held.
  • JV Level is 14 years old and under (14U) for grades 8th-6th. This level mirrors as close as possible to High School rules. There are more advanced plays and defenses and all special teams. There are standings, playoffs and champions.


For the Varsity and JV levels.  There is one Head Coach, but each division has a dedicated coaching staff and an assistant coach is named the Patriot division lead coach. 

If you have any question about the league or want to get more info, do not hesitate to contact Head Coach and Jr Skyland Football Conference President Georgio Vuolde at   or by phone at 609-462-3435.